Factors to Consider

Other factors to consider:
Denver could be considered as an environmental friendly safe city. The percentage of people walking alone safely during daylight is much higher and the percentage of people walking alone safely during light isn’t very low either. If we talk about certain factors like car theft, religious or ethnic-related assaults, armed robbery or corruption, the mile high city scores ‘low’ on all of these.

Neighborhoods in Denver:
Some of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in the Denver area are Cherry Creek, Washington Park, Stapleton amongst others. If you are looking to invest in any of these areas, the commute wouldn’t be much of a problem as they are within the twenty-five minutes distance from the downtown area.

For someone who wants to live in the vicinity of a lake, Sloan’s Lake neighborhood could be an ideal choice. It is just a fifteen-minute commute from the downtown area. There are also good elementary, middle and high schools in the area. If you are a wildlife enthusiast or someone interested in watersports, Sloan lake area has everything to offer. The median home price in the area is over USD 550,000 and is expected to increase 3-4% in the next one year. There are modern playgrounds and baseball fields for children and also nice trails for the elderly to go for a walk. In other words, it is a great place to raise a family.

If we talk about the safety standards, Sloan Lake scores ‘low’ on crimes related to assaults, violent crime, robberies or domestic violence when compared to most of its adjacent neighborhoods. Within five miles of Sloan’s Lake park are Segway tours, children’s museums, Pepsi Center and the famous Larimer Square.